Top 5 Best Yoga Swing Stands of 2021

Yoga Swing StandIf you are a aerial yoga enthusiasts and looking for the best aerial yoga stand, then you must ensure some key features as it will fully support your weight while you fly. Your swing stand should be lightweight, durable, sturdy and easy to use.

The reason many people choose multi-discipline freestanding aerial rigs is that they can carry the swing stand to perform aerial yoga outside. But if your home is large enough you can also perform your yoga tricks inside home.

Before buying a yoga trapeze stand, there is lot to think. But, No worries – our top 5 yoga swing stand reviews will help you decide to choose the best one.

So, What is a Yoga Swing Stand?

The yoga swing stand is a freestanding frame that supports aerial yoga swings. They are usually made of durable and high quality magnesium alloy, or stainless steel or aluminum, which makes them well suited for aerial yoga moves.

The Yoga hammock stand is for the people who play aerial sports. Some aerial yoga enthusiasts buy a swing stand on the spot, while others choose to use door frames or hanger hooks, because Yoga swing stands are more expensive than these options.

However, the yoga swing platforms and freestanding rigs are more popular than ever, so we will help you to differentiate the popular swing stand brands below.

The yoga swing stand is a great choice for people looking for a fun and easy aerial yoga moves to increase their mobility and stretching ability without much effort. In other words, this swing stand will offer you maximum health benefits with just minimal efforts.

Yoga Swing Stands

Top 5 Best Yoga Swing Stands For Your Hammock

Top 5 best quality brand of yoga trapeze stand is given below:

1. Heavy Duty Porch Indoor Swing Stand

Best Yoga Trapeze standWith this high-quality yoga trapeze stand, you can get the full flexibility of upside down movement.

It is said that tools are very important. The best the tools are the better the worker can do their job.

So buy and invest on the best yoga hammock stand to make your workouts easier than ever. With this hammock stand, you can perform your aerial yoga moves at any place whether it is at the outdoors or beach. 

Key Feature Of This Porch Indoor Swing Stand

  • Complex yoga moves can be done easily.
  • You will be more safe and sound with it.
  • Durability and stability help to perform hard acrobatic moves.
  • This air yoga swing stand takes just a few minutes to install.
  • It can take weight up to 600 pounds.
  • You will feel more confident when doing difficult aerial yoga moves.

If you are a beginner at using this stand or professional, no matter this yoga stand for sure will enhance your workouts.

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2. YogaBody Trapeze Stand

Best Yoga Trapeze standIf you have a yoga swing and don’t have an easy place to use it, then you are wasting your time.

Yoga hammock is only useful when you are using it regularly and effectively. Owning this best yoga trapeze stand you can solve this problem.

After the installation of yoga swing with this best yoga swing stand you can easily and perfectly do innovative and acrobatic poses. So start your aerial yoga exercise with the help of this YogaBody Trapeze stand wherever you want.

Key Feature Of YogaBody Trapeze Stand

  • Easy to use in any place.
  • Simple and easy to assemble.
  • In under ten minutes you can put it together and use immediately.
  • This stand has twenty-two interlocking pieces which fit together perfectly.
  • Instructions for installation are easy to follow.
  • All materials of this anti-gravity yoga hammock stand have a one year warranty.
  • In case of breaking or losing something, you can easily call the company to replace it.

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3. KT Indoor Outdoor Yoga Trapeze Stand Frame

KT Indoor Outdoor Yoga Trapeze Stand FrameIf you are you looking for an extremely innovative, unique and convenient hammock stand for yoga exercises, then this is exactly the best swing stand you expect. This yoga swing stand will give you freedom to do aerial yoga in the comfort of your own home using a aerial yoga hammock.

People who are using this hammock or swing stand are satisfied with this KT indoor outdoor yoga swing stand frame. It has got distinctive design and outstanding quality.

It is sturdy, portable, height adjustable, and foldable. You can also use this swing stand for static trapeze, Lyra Hoop or low-hanging silks. You can start using it right away as it is also very easy to set up and incredibly versatile. If have a limited budget but want a durable and high quality aerial yoga swing frame, then this is the stand for you!

Key Feature of KT Indoor Outdoor Yoga Trapeze Stand Frame

  • Sturdy, durable, portable, foldable and easily transportable
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • High enough to comfortably use an aerial yoga trapeze
  • Height is adjustable from 5.9’’ – 8.1’’ (1.80m – 2. 56m)
  • It’s high enough to comfortably use an aerial yoga swing
  • You can also adjust it to low enough to use indoors in most homes
  • Folds away in a matter of seconds after use
  • Had a maximum load of 660 lbs (300 kgs)
  • Multi-discipline – suitable for use with trapeze (static), silks, hammock and hoop

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4. Happybuy Inversion Yoga Swing Stand

Top Yoga Swing StandHappybuy Inversion Yoga Sling Stand is lightweight and portable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The triangular frame is made of 1.5mm (0.06 inch) steel tubes, which makes it extremely strong. The frame can be installed in minutes and one or two people can do it. Unlike other yoga trapeze stands, the Happybuy Inversion yoga swing stand does not use screws. Alternatively, frame tubes may be joined using a threaded swivel joint. It can be easily installed by one or two people in minutes.

The unique feature of this swing stand is that the screws in the base of the frame can rotate 360 ​​degrees in all directions without slipping. The holder can be used for other accessories such as Olympic rings, swings, pull-bar or hammocks. This yoga swing stand weighs 68 lbs (31 kg) and measures 2.68 m / 106″ L 1.88 m / 74″ W 2.93 m / 115 ″ H.

Loading capacity of this hammock stand is very high and can support a body mass of up to 551 lbs (250 kg). The Happybuy stand has triple safety features to maximize user safety, including a durable steel frame, seat belts and an anti-slip base. The complete set includes a white stretch yoga fabric 6m / 236inch that is soft yet sturdy and has superb load-bearing capacity. The set also includes accessories like two key locks, two safety belts and two O-belts.

Key Features of Happybuy Inversion Yoga Swing Stand

  • Triangular frame is made of steel for extra durability and strength.
  • Lightweight to make it easy to setup here and there
  • For better grip, it has anti-skid bases.
  • It offers triple safety features
  • You will get yoga stretch fabric
  • No need to buy additional accessories 
  • Great value for the money.

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5. Uplift Active Stainless Steel Aerial Fitness Rig

Yoga Trapeze StandGet aerobic exercise especially aerial yoga anywhere with this top portable swing stand. Whether you go to parks, events, festivals, or use at home or in the studio, this aerial rig is ideal for all types of aerial applications, including aerobic fitness, aerial yoga, fixed hammock, aerial hoops, and also low silks.

Uplift Active Fitness Rig is durable, sturdy and light enough to take anywhere. It is made of stainless steel and magnesium alloy. This swing stand can be assembled using telescopic shafts and D-rings without additional hardware or tools. The stand can be used from 1 meter (3.3 feet) to 3.4 meters (11.2 feet) and is fully adjustable in height with selectable heights every 4-6 inches.

The yoga swing holder can be attached to a silk, hammock, swing, or lyre to attach a carabiner to one of the adapter rings on the top strap. These rings can be animated so you can use Frame A for multiple disciplines. This hammock stand can hold up to 600kg, but the recommended user weight limit is 400lbs for standard aerial use, with fixed silk, hoop and swing. According to the company, the rig should not be used for any swing exercises. The width of the platform at the highest level is 4 meters and 2 meters at the lowest. The Uplift Active Rig offers four telescopic legs with connecting feet, 1.4m top bar, staples, two side straps, and two carry bags. This yoga swing stand can be completely disassembled.

Key Features of Uplift Active Fitness Rig

  • Very durable and easy to use
  • Awesome portable swing stand that can be disassembled completely
  • Excellent build quality
  • Sturdy and Lightweight
  • It can hold up to 600kg
  • Connection holes make it easy to fix and adjust the legs, without screws or tools

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