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Top 5 Shoulder Workouts for Bigger Stronger Shoulders

Are you training your arms to get bigger triceps and biceps? How about your shoulders? Are you doing any exercises to cover this part of your body?

If the answer is no, then your strategy to get a better-developed body is not going to work. “But I am doing sit-ups” you may say. Well, that’s great, but they will still not help you achieve that sought-after “V” shape most men wish for. To get there, you will need to work out your shoulders as well.

Shoulder Workouts for Bigger Stronger ShouldersHowever, you should not see shoulder exercises as just a muscle mass gain and improvement of your physical shape. When you work out your muscles, you also improve mobility in the most vulnerable joints of your body. Yes, the shoulder joints are more prone to accidents precisely because they can rotate too much.

For example, it was proven that shoulder workouts can alleviate pain and improve mobility in the case of those suffering from a rotator cuff. So, even if you suffered a shoulder injury, you should still give it a try and perform shoulder exercises. Of course, in your limits of comfort and safety.

How to get bigger and stronger shoulders? No matter what happens, keep your levels of motivation up and remain loyal to your workout routine. One way to get bigger shoulders is to use shoulder press machine. But if you don’t have one around, we found 5 other effective workouts you can do to build bigger and stronger shoulders.

1. Seated dumbbell press

This is a rather simple yet effective exercise that is accessible to most men looking to get bigger shoulders. You just need a bench and a set of dumbbells to perform this exercise. You will have to sit down for this one because a seated position will better isolate the shoulders while working out.

To achieve a full range motion during this exercise, bring the dumbbells up slowly. This will increase tension on the right type of muscles, making them work more effectively. The seated dumbbell press will give your legs a break while giving you the chance to work those deltoids out. The best part is that you can buy a set of good dumbbells and do this at home as well while sitting down on a chair.

2. Lateral raise

This is a painful kind of exercise, but they can be extremely effective in growing those shoulders. The lateral raise will manage to work that medial part of the deltoid muscles, which is usually not that well worked out by other exercises. So, if a good development of the shoulders is on your list, you need to go through this workout as well.

However, the secret to making the lateral raise work well is to perform them slowly. This will make your muscles burn and you will feel uncomfortable. But you will see improvements in the way you look in a very short while. A recommendation is to perform this exercise with lighter weight while trying to perform a bigger number of reps. No one said that looking good is easy, although there are high chances you’ll enjoy the results triggered by this particular exercise.

3. Barbell standing press

The barbell standing press is an exercise great not just for your shoulders, but also for the rest of your body. It is capable of targeting several groups of muscles at once, which makes it ideal for any workout routine. Considering that an overall mass building training is desired, to get a balanced look and development of your muscles, you need to seriously consider adding this exercise to your routine.

The movement performed this way will help you strengthen the muscles in your core area. Also, it will boost your strength overall, which is also desirable when training muscles. It is recommended to begin the exercises with the strongest move you have, to maintain an ideal form.

4. Upright row

When it comes to building muscular mass, this exercise is another one that should be on your list. How to make the most of it? You should make sure that your elbows are standing higher than the position of your hands. This will enable a maximum contraction of your deltoid muscles, making them work hard and effectively.

It is also worth mentioning that upright rows with work out the traps. So, you have here an exercise that is more complex than what meets the eye. Go for bigger weights and fewer reps, in this case, to maintain a proper level of tension on your deltoids. The compound movements like this one will train these muscles right and improve the shape of your shoulders without a doubt.

5. Arnold press

If you’re wondering whether this exercise has anything to do with the “Terminator” Arnold, you should know that they do. The exercise bears the name of the famous actor and bodybuilder so that his work and achievements are properly celebrated. Also, Arnold is the inventor of this exercise, making it only fair to name this exercise this way.

So, it is a shame not to perform an exercise that has the name of a successful bodybuilder, one who looks amazing even at his current age. The exercise looks very much like a conventional press, while the position of the body is adjusted to reach those anterior deltoids. With the help of this exercise, that “V” shape will be reached in a very fulfilling manner.


Growing bigger shoulders isn’t easier than building bigger pecs or getting better abs. Each routine has its pleasant and less pleasant sides. However, the most important part is to get started and create a workout plan that targets every muscle group in your body.

This way, you’ll end up having a balanced appearance and muscles that are evenly developed. Of course, in the case of men, the upper part of the body is particularly important. This is why you should definitely perform shoulder workouts if you disregarded them so far. Get that body in shape just in time for the summer season.


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