Spin Bike Vs Elliptical ( Which Is Better Option )

Whether you are in the gym or at home, cardiovascular equipment and exercise are available to help you burn calories and keep the heart healthy. However, some people are curious about the exercise equipment they require, especially the elliptical or the spin bike. This comes in if you need better and faster results, considering the safety and comfort of the workout.

Spin bike

Spin Bike Vs Elliptical Machine

It is also called the exercise bike or a stationary bike. It is a device with handlebars, saddles, and pedals used as a training machine. Cyclists normally train or warm-up before a race.


Spin Bike Vs Elliptical

This is also called the cross trainer, which is a stationary machine that can simulate walking, climbing stairs, even running without putting pressure on the joints and reducing any risk of collision injuries. Besides, elliptical machine offers low or high-intensity exercises based on resistance and speed settings.

Spin bike vs elliptical

Calories burned

Both machines are known for burning many calories, but the amount burned will depend on the working intensity. It may be more difficult to determine which one will give you more time. The intensive training can be done on both machines. However, many people seem to associate the elliptical with low-intensity exercise, inadequate resistance training, or low cadence. For best results, you need to focus on maintaining a moderate pace and increase inclination or resistance. The spin bike appears a powerful training device that has a minimalist design. Typically, the exercises are done at various intensities to get the best with steep climbs, seated climbers, and sprints.


These devices generally have similar prices, ranging from $ 300 to $ 2,000, depending on the model. Elliptical usually have more complete consoles and accessories incorporated in the price, like space for a tablet or an MP3 player jack. The spin bike has a simple design with the bottle holder and the base console. The elliptical console can have the predefined exercise program that you follow to remain on track and motivated. The spin bikes allow you to watch TV, videos, or DVDs while exercising. Also, they are aimed for the intense workout rather than moderate workout, even though you can use it to cater to the same purpose.


The spin bike offers a similar experience to riding a bicycle, even though it is easy to use, as it only takes some minutes to assemble and start the exercise. Thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebar, which helps adjust the height of a bike according to your workout. To change the resistance, just press the button in front of the bike. It just means losing the whole consoles and other accessories like a tablet or an iPod.


The elliptical is designed to provide the low impact version of walking or running with the arms where you can move around. This can differ in the inclination and resistance, allowing more challenging exercises. Similarly, the speed varies from fast to slow, offering you the whole body exercise. It may be best to increase resistance and get a cardio workout to increase weight and strength.

Muscles worked

Sitting on a spin bike can help balance the feet problems. If the balance is not an issue, you can stand on a bike and then move the pedals up as resistance increases. Besides, this bike engages the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calf muscles, and core. To strengthen the legs, you need to increase the resistance.

The elliptical is best suited for working your glutes, vastus lateralis, and quadriceps. It gives motion to different parts such as shoulders, triceps, chest, and biceps. Besides, the elliptical helps the body, legs, and arms exercise at once, which makes the muscles work more, whereas the spine bike normally focuses more on the legs and core.

Storage space

The spin bike and elliptical are equipped with transport wheels that rotate when moving out and in a storage area. Typically, the elliptical weighs more than the exercise bike; although some are lightweight, more weight is taken by the transport wheels. Both machines have almost a similar amount of storage space. Nevertheless, this differs by model but can take up not more than2 feet by 5 feet of space.

Spin Bike Vs Elliptical Trainer


Because the elliptical works with the lower and upper body simultaneously, you get the top cardio workout with a similar intensity level to the spin bike. The exercise of the spin bike enables you to train with high intensity on the flat surface, variable strength, tough hill climb, and proper leveling. With the elliptical, the movable arms can adjust the resistance when downhill for three different workouts.


In short, these two home gym equipment help to improve endurance while you are staying in shape without causing joint pain or injury. The elliptical targets the upper and lower body, while the spin bike focuses on the lower body. However, your choice should depend on the goals you have. If you want a rehab or an elderly device, the spin bike becomes the best option because you can sit up during your workout.


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