Spin bike Vs Elliptical Trainer

Spin Bike VS Elliptical Trainer ( Which One Is Bettor For Weight Loss )

Whether you are at home or in the gym, there are cardio exercises and equipment that can assist you to burn calories and make your heart healthy. Nevertheless, some people get curious about which exercise equipment they need to have, especially the spin bike or the elliptical trainer. This comes if they want to achieve faster and better results, taking into account the comfort and safety of exercise.

Spin bike

spin bike

It is also known as the stationary bike or the exercise bike. Typically, it is the device with the pedals, handlebars, and the saddles used as a fitness machine. Cyclists generally warm-up or train indoors before the race.

Elliptical Trainer

spin bike vs elliptical trainer

It is also known as the cross trainer, which is the stationary machine that helps to simulate running, walking, or even climbing stairs without straining your joints and reducing the risk of collision injuries. Also, it offers high or low-intensity exercises depending on the speed and resistance settings defined by the user.

Here is spin bike vs elliptical trainer ( Check which one is better step by step)

Burning calories

Both machines can burn many calories, but the amount being burned depends on the intensity with which you are working. It may make it harder to determine what is giving you more time. You can do intensive training on both devices; however, many people appear to associate the elliptical trainer with a low-intensity workout, low cadence, or insufficient resistance training. For the best results, focus on maintaining a moderate pace and increase resistance or inclination. The spin bike looks like the intense training device and is built in a minimalist design. The exercises are performed at different intensities to make the most of your time with sprints, stiff hill climbs, and seated climbers.

You will have to work more on the spin bike than on the elliptical trainer because the elliptical trainer will support the weight and work more on the muscles with the same amount of calories burned. After all, the machine that burns the most calories will be the one you will spend the most at the highest intensity. On both devices, you will need to upgrade the workout on the specific type because, when the body becomes used to a particular form of the exercise, it will become more efficient and use fewer calories when doing the same job.


These machines generally tend to have a similar price that ranges between $ 300 and $ 2,000, depending on a model. The elliptical trainers usually have more comprehensive accessories and consoles included in the price, such as space for the tablet to rest or a plug for the MP3 player.

The spin bikes are simple and can have a base console and bottle holder. The elliptical trainer’s console can have predefined training programs, which you follow to stay motivated and track. The spin bikes help you watch TV, DVDs, or video while training. Also, they are designed for intense exercise instead of moderate exercise, although you can use them for that purpose.

Muscles worked

When seated as you ride the spin bike, it may be useful to balance issues when working with your legs. Typically, if the balance is not the issue, you may stand on the spin bike and move the pedals uphill as resistance increases. Also, the spin bike engages the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, core, and calf muscles. To strengthen your legs, you require to increase your resistance levels.

The elliptical trainers are best suited to work the quadriceps, glutes, and the vastus lateralis. They give motion to various parts like your triceps, shoulders, biceps, and chest. Also, the elliptical trainer helps the arms, body, and legs to exercise at the same time, making the muscles work more, while the spin bike focuses more on the core and legs.


A spin bike gives you a similar experiment, like riding the bicycle, although it is simple and easy to use because it takes only a few minutes to set up and start an exercise. There is room for adjusting the height of the bike to take full exercise advantage of the adjustable seat and the handlebars. Some spin bike also comes with magnetic resistance. And, this magnetic spin bike provides even more resistance for users to burn more calories. To change the resistance, you need to press the button on the front of a bike simply. Essentially, this simply means you lose entire consoles and also other accessories, such as the slot for your tablet or iPod.

The elliptical trainer is developed to offer a low impact version for running and walking using the arms where there are movable. This may vary on the resistance and inclination, providing more challenging exercises. Likewise, the speed will vary from slow to fast, giving you the full-body workout. This can be the best way to get cardio exercise and increase the resistance to increase your strength and weight.

The elliptical motion can be strange and take time to get used. Some people do not get used to it, and some think they can feel numb to their feet after being used. The consoles included in the mid-priced machines are the pre-set workout and the graphic consoles that keep you up to date. In general, the elliptical is a machine that is more complex to operate than the spin bike, and you will take time to get used.

Storage space

These two machines generally come with the transport wheels, which rotate when moving in and out of the storage area. The elliptical trainer typically weighs more than the spin bike, even though there are some which are lightweight, but the transport wheels take much weight. The two machines take up roughly the same amount of storage space. However, this varies by model but may take up less than 5 feet by 2 feet of space.


Since the elliptical trainer work with the upper and lower body at once, you will get the best cardio workout with the same intensity level as the spin bikes. The spin bike workouts are designed to allow you to train with varying levels of strength, high intensity on a flat, moderate on leveling area, and tough on hill climbs. With the elliptical trainer, the movable arms may adjust the resistance downhill to get three different workouts.

You can find that HIIT is more difficult with an elliptical machine than with the spin bike because you exercise your body more. Though it is hard to switch between different resistances levels, it is more involving and slower.

Both machines offer low impact training; however, if you have injuries to your lower body, the spin bike offers less impact and will help you recover if the weight of the flywheel is around the circumference. The elliptical trainer will assist you to burn extra calories with the same intensity level. The great advantage of a spin machine is that it’s easy to use and quick to install. The elliptical trainer, on the other hand, takes time for you to get used and to understand various workout settings.


To conclude, both machines help you improve your endurance while staying in good shape, without causing pain or injury to your joints. The elliptical trainer targets both the lower and upper body, while a spin bike is aimed primarily at the lower body. Your choice, however, should depend on your goal. If you want the rehabilitation device or you want if, for the elderly, a spin bike is the best option as it allows you to sit down while exercising. Another aspect would be space since the elliptical machine requires more space than the spin bike.

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