Rowing machine Vs Treadmill

Rowing Machine VS Treadmill 2021 ( Which One Is Better )

Rowing Machine VS TreadmillRowing Machine VS Treadmill! Well, Machines in gyms or even homes have helped revolutionize workouts everywhere.

From the various cardio machines to ones that help to target specific muscle groups with heavy lifts these miracles for the muscle-bound work wonders.

However today we’re going to focus on two, in particular, the rowing machine vs the treadmill.

Now before we can really look at what’s different we need to look at what they have in common. Both machines are stationary machines that can allow the person training on them to focus on cardio.

Both also offer the benefit of being easy to use while listening to something on your headphones or even on a screen if you wish to set one up in front of the machine.

Both can provide you with great strides in losing weight and maybe even toning yourself up a bit. However other than the abundance of them in gyms, the similarities end and the differences start to arise.

Rowing Machine VS Treadmill Comparison

The first difference, which might come off as a bit obvious, is the muscle groups the machines help to train. Treadmills, obviously, work the major muscles of the lower body. We’re talking your quads, calves, hamstrings and hip flexors all get hit while using the treadmill.

Whereas a rowing machine can hit the lower body but will also affect several areas of your upper body as well. It will work your biceps and shoulders and can even be good core work if you’re able to really focus on your core as you row.

Working out isn’t all in the muscle, as anyone with an injury will tell you. Your joints are a dramatically crucial part of your body and while you’re bound to put stress on them while working out you still need to be careful.

Rowing can be a lower impact exercise, assuming you don’t overload the machine and therefore not too hard on your joints. And again rowing machine workout will give you the strength that you can apply on rowing a boat in a lake or river. Running, on the other hand, is a different story. Running on harder surfaces like treadmill with bad shoes for too long can destroy your joints, so make sure to go in warm and always where properly supported shoes.

But let’s talk about the thing I’m sure the average person values the most, the number of calories burnt by each exercise. Now there is no way to calculate this accurately for everyone since everybody is different.

That being said it has been found that on average you can burn more calories per minute running then rowing. In most studies, it’s an estimated 20 calorie difference between the two for a 30-minute workout.

Rowing and running is two different type of workout. Where you can do more cardio workout from treadmill then the rowing machine.

Lastly, which machine is more durable? This is a very easy question, the rowing machine. A treadmillis a big electronic device filled with parts that can break and you’re just not as likely to break your rowing machine.

Not to mention even if you do it’ll cost less to replace the rowing machine. However, which machine you use is ultimately up to you and your results will vary. As long as you take the time to warm up and stretch and remember to put your heart into it you’re bound to see results regardless of your choice. So be careful and go out and crush it.


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