Is The FitTrack Scale Accurate?

This era can be described as “smart” because our watch, car, and even lifestyle have been smart. If you think about smart fitness and other ways, it’s hard to imagine life without all sorts of smart devices. To fit this theme, I want to introduce a smart way to track your health data. It’s the FitTrack Smart Scale. Is the FitTrack scale accurate?

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FitTrack scale measures 17 vital body parameters that will help you to stay fit at home. It works with the FitTrack application. You can track Fittrack’s data from smartwatch and smartphones. It uses bio-impedance technology that sends 100% safe electrical signals in the body through the electrodes to measure health parameters.

What is a FitTrack Scale?

FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital ScaleThe FitTrack is a smart weight scale that measures 17 essential health parameters. All data are shown on the Fittrack smartphone app. The app can track up to 8 user’s health data on a single device. It can be used with multiple apps and operating systems such as apple health, google fit etc. It can estimate up to 180 kg weights. The FitTrack’s kerb weight is about 3 kg and easily fit in a sports bag, suitcase or wherever. So, you can track your improvement of your health anytime, anywhere. It uses the bio impedance method with safe signals through its 4 electrodes to get more accurate health data.

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Is the FitTrack scale accurate?

FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale ReviewFitTrack uses advanced Dual BIA technology that collects all the basics of your health when you stand on the scales. It sends small electrical signals that can read the body’s composition with a 100% accurate result. Let’s overview its other features that I have experienced:

●      Real-time Monitoring

FitTrack works via Bluetooth and the results are displayed in real-time in the FitTrack application. It shows the measured data with high accuracy. You can use Google fit, Apple health and other fitness tracking apps with the FitTrack scale.

●      Compact and Water resistance

The Fittrack Scale is lightweight (about 3kg) and water-resistant so that the scale can be used in a bathroom or outdoors. However, be careful if you step on the scale with wet feet, as it may be slippery!

●      Set personal health goals

It allows you to analyze and store data from 17 vital indicators of body health. From the app, you can set and monitor your goals and set reminders. Your phone must be close to the scale during the measurement.

●      Protect the health of your family

The scale is not only professional but also home-friendly. With a single scale, you can measure and store data from up to 8 people. So you can observe the health parameters of both the family’s adults and children.

●      Integrated with the smartwatch

The scale can also be connected to a smartwatch so that you can get the data without the phone. All data are presented accurately like the smartphone app.

●      Supports professionals by creating important indicators

The scale has a professional athlete mode, which allows you to define and measure indicators that are just right for the athlete. These allow coaches, weightlifters and other athletes to improve and develop their athletic performance.

●      Helps to improve sleep quality

FitTrack monitors the amount of REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep and thus can determine the quality of your sleep. The information will help you change your habits and help you achieve better sleep.

Fittrack health measurements

Fittrack scale measures the following 17 health insights:

  1. Weight
  2. Body fat ratio: BFR
  3. Body water
  4. Base metabolic rate: BMR
  5. Body mass index: BMI
  6. Muscle ratio
  7. Bone mass
  8. Protein rate
  9. Metabolic age
  10. Subcutaneous fat
  11. Weight control
  12. Weight without fat
  13. Protein mass
  14. Visceral fat index
  15. Standard weight
  16. Fat mass
  17. Muscle mass
  18. Obesity level


  • 17 vital body meters
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish design and white color
  • Compact and light
  • Can accommodate multi-user data
  • Suitable for home and professional use
  • Easy to navigate in FitTrack app


  • May be too small for some people

FitTrack Scale User Reviews

FitTrack Scale

Here are some user reviews of the Fittrack scale users for proving its effectiveness and accuracy:

  1. I have considered buying a digital scale. I’m so glad that I found this scale. The fact that the Fit Track scale measures my weight and the internal function of my body has convinced me completely. The app is easy to use and the scale works well with my Fitbit watch. Thumb up for this product!
  2. The Fittrack scale is very accurate, but what convinced me was what the scale looks like! It is so pretty and its design is good. I can leave the scale anywhere in my apartment and it won’t ruin the décor. The app’s Bluetooth connection to the scale makes the measurement process very convenient overall. So I can check my last weight even without physically stepping on the scale. For the rest, though, it would be great to get the scale rechargeable, so I don’t have to buy 4 AAA batteries every time the scale runs out of power. Replacing the batteries is also always extra work, which I would love to skip. We hope you take this feedback into account!

Final Word

FitTrack can help you monitor your health progress and alert yourself immediately if you are going in the wrong direction. Is the FitTrack scale accurate? It measures all health parameters by sending safe signals through the foot using the electrodes. This system is patented with bio-impedance technology so that you will get 100% accurate data.

Step on the FitTrack scale and read in seconds all the statistics you need to make your workouts meaningful. Its use is simple and a great way to increase health awareness. If you are conscious about building a healthy lifestyle, you must need the FitTrack scale.

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