Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Review For 2020

Iron Gym pull-up bar is a multi-purpose machine for power training.

Men and women both like this Iron Gym pull up bar. This Best Pull Up Bar is very strong and long-lasting.

It’s designed to shape your total upper body through pull-ups and abs work. When pull-ups are completed keep it to the ground and perform push-ups for biceps, dips for triceps and chest and sit-ups for making six pack abs.

Iron Gym Workout Bar Extreme Edition is the most popular pull-up bar brand on the market made by Iron Gym.

Take a quick look at ‘Iron gym pull up bar’. You can strengthen your back, chest,  ABS, biceps, shoulders and more in the comfort of your living room or in the gym with the Iron Gym pull up bar.

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Iron Gym pull up bar review

 Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

It is an upgraded version of the original Iron Gym. It boasts two additional grip positions for a total of five: the default narrow, neutral,  plus alternate wide and side grips.

When installed in the doorway, the device will let you perform pull-ups and chin-ups with several options for working the inner and outer back.

Once you’re done with your back exercise, you can quickly move the Iron gym total upper body workout bar extreme edition to the floor, where you can perform pushups while facing down, triceps dips while facing the other way and sit-ups using the Iron Gym for foot stability.  

It is the ultimate total upper body workout tool for people who want to shape their upper bodies and tone their midsections and unlike many other workout bars, the extreme edition installs conveniently in most doorway frames without damaging your walls or doors with a permanent installation.

Just take it out the door when you’re finished. The iron gym bars has another feature that is a durable steel frame. Again the Iron Gym extreme edition holds up to 300 pounds and is designed to fit residential doorways between 24 to 32 inches, with trim or molding up to 3.5 inches wide.

Key Features: 

  • Steel
  • Imported
  • It is an Upper body workout bar designed to strengthen your chest, shoulders, back, arms, and more
  • It can be Installed in the doorway for pull-ups and chin-ups or sits on the floor for pushups, dips, and sit-ups
  • Again this upper body workout bar has also sturdy steel frame mounts quickly and removes easily without tools or fasteners
  • The Iron gym total upper body workout bar extreme edition bar fits conveniently in residential doorways 24 to 34 inches wide, with 3.5-inch trim/molding
  • It has 5 total grip positions for versatile workouts; holds up to 300 pounds

More Features

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Review

Foam padding for holding at various positions.
Metal frame.
Door frame protection is Rubberized.
Instruction book is also included with it.

Pull-ups exerciseIf you want a compact piece of gym equipment then must choose Iron Gym Pull Up Bar. After using it you will soon realize why the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar has been a steady best seller for many years.

You don´t need to have a room put aside, nor do you have to drill any holes and ruin your decoration. First set up this Iron gym total upper body workout bar extreme edition at a safe position and then do your workouts easily. Remember don’t do a workout at first rather increase you pull-ups day bay day. 

Its multi-functionality allows you to do Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Sit Ups, Push Ups and Dips too – no need to go out and buy different pieces of equipment that end up gathering dust – one economical purchase and you have everything you need.

It´s small, compact and efficient – designed and built to last too. It makes it very convenient to just pull out, hook onto the door frame, and start exercising within a few seconds – no messing about – you will have finished your exercise routine by the time most other people have finished messing about setting up their equipment.

Don´t worry either – it´s specialist design ensures that no damage is done to your woodwork or walls -It´s the ideal all-around solution

This is the best pull-up bar out there, especially for the money. And even compared to other pieces of fitness equipment you could purchase. The Iron Gym is a better value by far regarding Iron gym total upper body workout bar extreme edition review.

This was not the first time I bought something for my husband. And it certainly wasn’t the first time I didn’t tell him I spent money. But he had been complaining about having pipe cleaners for arms, so like any good wife, I bought him a workout-in-a-box. Yeah, the reception wasn’t as great as I anticipated.

Doorway Requirements:

  • Width: 24” to 34” wide
  • Trim width: Up to 3.5” wide
  • Thickness: At least 5.5” thick
Key Benefits
Pull Up (Over Hand Grip)
Chin Up (Reverse Grip)
Push Ups
Triceps Dips

Iron gym extreme workout bar buying guideline

Features 3 different grip positions – narrow grip, wide grip and neutral – so you can switch up your routine and keep challenging your muscles.
Iron Gym is a great workout for pull-ups/ chin-up, sit ups, push ups, dips, and crunches.

This Pull Up Bar is a very versatile piece of equipment and you can use it at the beginning to improve your upper body physique using the basic exercises as outlined on the site here.

As your strength and stamina improve you will find it much easier to do more repetitions and at this stage, it is a good idea to use alternative exercises to not only improve but also to break the tedium of constantly repeating the same exercise.

I’ll repeat again, as it always seems to cause some confusion, about the way that the hands grip the bar itself.

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Reviews 2020

Gripping the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

In the standard position, where the hands grip the bar “overhand grip”, the lat muscles will be worked predominantly whereas in the “underhand grip” the biceps are more targeted.

So as long as you understand the different effects you can alter your grip according to the area that you want to work according to Iron gym total upper body workout bar extreme edition review.

One of the first variations that you can consider is actually increasing your weight so you are having to work harder. This can be achieved by a weight belt, to which you can attach additional weights to suit your regime

Alternatively, and probably the easiest, is to wear a backpack and put bricks or rocks inside, gradually increasing the weight as you become more proficient.

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