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How To Start Yoga In 2020 ( Best Way To Start Yoga Practice )

TEC Aerial Yoga SwingYoga is a holistic practice to improve health. When you start your yoga session you will need to do stretch, reach, twist and other exercises to contort the body. Breathe is also a good yoga practice to intake more oxygen to the body.

These are common commands that you may need to follow. There are other advanced yoga practice too. Among them what I like most is aerial yoga moves. You will need a yoga hammock to practice this aerial yoga.

Nowadays most of the fitness center and gyms are taking classes of “How To Start Yoga” like Body Pump, Spin Class, Step Aerobics, and Yoga tossed in the mix. There are also may yoga studios that are dedicatedly training different art of yoga.

If you want to start yoga practice then you can easily join the yoga class and that class can be found easily in towns and cities across the United States.

It is best to start your yoga practice simply. We have given 4 basic yoga steps so that you can start your yoga moves easily.

Try These 4 Basic Yoga Steps At First

1. Breathing (Learn how to breathe)

In yoga practice, the first and most important thing to do after holding the posture is to breathe. Learn how to breath to use during yoga so that your body becomes full of oxygen. Breathe in and out slowly through the nose into the belly.

2. Brief meditation 

After the breathing session start brief meditation that will help to control your mind. Just Sit in easy pose, take a deep breath and focus on the breath. You also do prayer before meditation. It helps to gain positive energy in your body.

3. Use basic postures

Start basic yoga postures like stretch, reach, twist and other poses with warm-up sequences. Here are some simple postures that you can start such as seated twist, dog, cat, dog, child, cobra, triangle, mountain, forward bend.

4. End with relaxation pose ( Shavasana )

It is always better to end yoga session with relaxation pose like Shavasana. Shavasana is all about resting on your back and relaxing the body for 10-15 minutes.

Note: “You will feel strange and awkward for the first time you start doing yoga but don’t worry this awkwardness will pass with the time and practice”. 

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Accessories You Need For Starting Yoga

Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mat is very essential to start a yoga practice. It provides great protection from the hard surface of the floor. Yoga mat also gives a gentle cushion for your hands and feet. It helps to avoid sliding and slipping during various yoga moves.

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Yoga Strap

Yoga moves that are too difficult at first, yoga strap helps to complete this moves comfortably. For seated stretches, if the flexibility is not there, yoga strap provide little extra support when working on that stretch.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

A Mat Cleaner is an excellent Yoga gear. If you have a high-quality yoga mat then you do not want to disrupt the mat surface by cleaning it with household cleaners. Best Mat Cleaner will keep your mat disinfected for a long period of time.

Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are mainly brick-shaped “thing” made of wood, cork, or hard-foam. Yoga block is also an essential yoga gear that helps to provide an extra boost when flexibility doesn’t allow you to reach to the floor.

A yoga block works as a helper to facilitate many yoga moves, especially it is used for standing stretches. But it is also used to support the head, back, and hips to help the body settle into a pose.Best yoga blocks 2019

Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag is very advantageous for yoga. You can easily carry your yoga accessories like your yoga mat, towel, and yoga blocks. And in its extra pockets you can keep wallet, keys, phone, and other personal items.

Even some yoga mat bag has pop-out pocket for your water bottle. It helps to keep your mat and other accessories protected from moisture, rain and dust.

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Yoga Towels

If you don’t want your sweat dripping off the face or affecting the grip of the hands and feet then you must get the best yoga towel for sweaty hands. You will need this yoga towel especially in “Hot Yoga Practice”.

Most yoga towels are the same size and feature absorbent and soft material. You can use a yoga towel as a workout towel, yoga mat substitute or soft covering to go over a mat to keep your body and face sweat-free during yoga moves.

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Yoga Bolsters

A yoga bolster is like a pillow, but more firm and rectangular or circular. Its main objective is to create a relaxation, soften a posture or help open the body. It is commonly used in prenatal, repair and Iyengar courses.

It is an excellent yoga accessory that helps improve the practice of yoga when the body is fully supported. If you hate practicing yoga on a hard and cold floor, you should buy the best yoga booster. This yoga gear will help you to support your body and resolve any discomfort while performing different yoga movements.

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You can easily start your yoga without any yoga accessories. But above yoga gear will definitely help your yoga. Few minutes of yoga everyday will make you a healthy and happy person.

We all are running after career and money forgetting our health. But for me a most successful man is that one who have a good health and peaceful mind. So give your exercise and yoga priority and start yoga today and don’t leave it.

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