How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenage Guys

How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenage Guys In 2020 (With Exercise)

How to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exerciseHow to lose weight fast for teenage guys (with exercise)! In order to lose weight fast teenage guys should do some basic exercise.

Before taking the weight they must start their exercise with some free hand exercises. We should know how to lose weight fast in a healthy way.

The environment is changing rapidly, where teenage guys are encouraged to eat more and it has become easier and easier to be inactive.

The current generation has become so inactive that the only exercise many people bother with is surfing the internet. Where there they can easily do some Indoor cycling bike workout in leisure time.

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workouts for teenage guys to lose weight

Some pessimists believe that humans will gradually be lost the use of their legs, and will become short, fat, stumpy beings who, are permanently connected with their mobile phones or computers.

This has lead to serious problems like overweight. It has become one of the major health problems of the current generation. There should be a good diet and exercise plan for every teenage guys.

[According to facts and figures, in the USA there are more teenage guys dying from being overweight than from smoking.]

It is believed that many more of these young people will be overweight, and they will suffer the associated health problems. Overweight people are often abused on the street. Overweight executives make less money.

Some Important Tips for Losing Weight

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weight loss workouts for teenage guys

How to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exercise?

  • When we plan to bring a change in our lives, the first step is often the hardest. It is common to plunge in, setting huge, unobtainable goals, such as ‘I will lose a stone in a week.’
  • When we fail to do this, we tell ourselves change is not possible, and we simply give up.
  • The best way to make a big change is to first make lots of small changes. These will soon be adding up towards a bigger goal.
  • This research work will help you to lose weight fast in a healthy way and then keep it off with the help of exercises which work, and a very healthy diet plan.

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Let’s Talk About My Fitness Journey – It Will Help

how to lose weight fast for teenage guysI myself have had a very unique fitness journey. From the time I was in middle school, I had body image issues. I always wanted to change, but never had the motivation to do so.

Eventually, I got involved in sports and once I got into high school, I began to take them seriously. I wanted to be the best possible athlete because I wanted to go to play college football.

Through years of research and trial and error, I believe that I am currently in a time in my life I am happy with my fitness and health even if I don’t play college football. I’ve learned a lot in my fitness journey, specifically what works and what doesn’t work.

There are lots of misconceptions in the fitness world. Many fad diets and shortcuts are shared
through the media leading people to believe getting a six pack or lifting crazy amounts of weights is something that can come easy. But fat burning workouts for teenage guys is not that easy. Teenagers are usually lazy type. There is no replacement for commitment and drive. Working hard and being committed should be the first step for any teenagers fitness journey. This comes through motivation.

Find that motivation, it’s different for everyone. For me, it was my desire to play college football. I knew if I would ever have a chance to do so, I’d need to be stronger, faster, and bigger. Playing different games like football, cricket, basketball or other games can be a great workouts to lose weight for teenage guys. 

Teenagers should learn to be confident in their own body, nothing makes you feel more confident then seeing the rewards of your fitness journey. It is a very rewarding feeling. The first step for anyone looking to become serious about a fitness journey is finding a source of motivation.

How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenage Guys

The next step is figuring out your end goal. Do you wish to become a better powerlifter? Do you want to gain muscle and aesthetics? Or do you want to train specifically for a sport? All these areas of fitness will have different steps in achieving your end goal.

For me, I went from training for football to training to gain muscle and strength. Those are the areas I will talk about. First off is sport specific training. A big part of any sport is explosion, therefore many sport-specific athletes train with high intensity and heavyweights.

Force equals mass times acceleration, so by being able to accelerate large amounts of weights, your explosion will increase. The most important lifts for any athletes will be the ones maximizing the weight load and training the base and core.

For instance, the back squat is one of the most prevalent lifts for any sports athletes. It trains your legs and core increasing a strong base. It increases the speed of athletes, and their force produced. The legs are probably the most important muscle group for any sport specific athlete to target.

The power clean is also a great gift for sports specifics. It increases explosion from the posterior chain of the legs and back. Done correctly, this can be a great lift. Lastly, any athlete that is training for a sport will be extremely active. Sports practices, lifting, endurance, and speed training, all this takes a toll on an athlete’s body.

Therefore, it’s very important to eat and drink plenty. It’s a good rule of thumb to drink between 0.5-1 ounce of water for every lb. of your body weight per day. So, a 140lb athlete should drink between 70 to 140 ounces of water a day. Eating complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, dark greens, and whole grains will provide the energy needed for all the activities of a sports athlete.

Proper amounts of protein are also needed for muscle recovery and growth. Between 30-50 grams of protein, a meal is sufficient for an average athlete. High-intensity training and proper diets are what is needed for an athlete looking to improve their strength and speed for their sports.

When it comes to training for muscle gain and aesthetics it’s a completely different story. Time
under tension is the key phrase for building muscle and mass. By doing slow reps on lifts and squeezing the muscles during every rep, the muscles are broken down more and therefore build back up larger and stronger. Also, when it comes to training for aesthetics isolating certain muscle groups is key.

fat burning workouts for teenage guys

Rather than wanting to move larger loads to increase explosion, you want to target certain muscles to break them down independently. Lifts like barbell curls, tricep skull crushers, bench press, and abdominal crunches are examples of isolating lifts. The rest period between lifts should be held to about 45 seconds so that the “pump” is constant in the whole training session.

The “pump” is just the blood flow to the muscles from breaking them down and trying to rebuild them. When it comes to training for aesthetics your diet is more important than the lifts. Many people make the mistake of not eating enough then wondering why they are gaining muscles.

Eating in a calorie surplus is what is needed to gain muscle. By eating say 3000 calories a day, your body has enough energy to perform your workouts and build more muscle without tearing down existing muscles. A best elliptical trainer 2019 can be a good choice to perform great workouts and build muscle. Using supplements is also a part of the “bodybuilding” type of athletics. While this is not necessary at all, it can be a tool in muscle gain. Protein and energy supplements are the most common used.

Protein powder is a good way to quickly get protein and calories into your body after a workout. Muscles use protein to rebuild the torn down muscles, so by providing it directly after a workout, the repairing can begin immediately. All these tips can be applied to the development of mass and muscle gain for an athlete.

Workout plan for teenage guys to lose weight

There must be a workout plan for teenager who wants to lose weight. Fitness should be an even mixture of physical and mental progression.

Many teenagers begin getting into fitness to change the way they look. But fitness directly relates to mental health as well. Working out releases dopamine increasing happiness. It also gives you more energy and helps you get through your days without feeling groggy.

It can also lead to better sleep. This shows how fitness can be a tool in both the physical and mental states of your life. Fitness gave me a lot. It gave me confidence and also lots of friends. I’ve met some of my best friends at the gym or during sports practices. I truly believe that health and fitness should be a major aspect of everyone’s life. A realistic workout plan will help teenage guys to accomplish their goals.

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