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If You Have Fallen out of the fitness groove and need some inspiration to get your mojo back and keep you moving again then you are at the right place. The first step you need to do is to find out what you actually enjoy doing.

You will not continue your workout if you’re doing it through gritted teeth. So, find the exercise that works for you and get those good feeling endorphins running through your veins. Finding an exercise that’s fun and fits with your lifestyle can be a challenge and sticking to a regular fitness routine for a long time is more challenging.

Losing weight has been one of the goals many people strive for, and desire a quick fix solution, but unfortunately, that isn’t possible. Losing weight and getting fit is a journey and a lifestyle. Weight loss has many factors that contribute to it. Some including a well-balanced diet, an adequate amount of exercise per week, and obtaining the recommended amount of sleep each night.


Many people decide they want to lose weight and start dieting. But dieting provides short-term results, not long term. The road to losing that extra weight and becoming fitter than before is an expedition and becomes a lifestyle to see long-term effects of a healthy weight, great mindset, and happiness all around. What one eats is vital for the results they will achieve.

Eating well-balanced meals is extremely important, as well as hydrating the body. Many believe eating less is the correct way to lose weight, which may be true in some aspects, but it is more important what is being eaten. Four hundred calories of ice cream versus four hundred calories of a whole fruit and vegetable smoothie has a difference that affects the results that will be given.

Why Exercise Is Important To Get Fit

Exercise not only aids with losing weight, but can also decrease the risk of getting many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, reducing high blood pressure, and so much more. Exercise is great for everybody, any age, and comes with a diverse amount of benefits. 

A person who goes straight into intense exercises and working out every day may experience injury and not want to exercise again, or may experience a crash. Again, getting into shape is a journey and a slow process.

It is important to start slow and work your way up to increasing difficulty, the amount of days per week an individual exercises, and the amount of weights added. Starting slow is the best way to achieve maximal results and personal goals.

It is recommended to get 150 minutes of exercise per week. Ideally, 5 days per week for 30 minutes. If one is sedentary and that is too much right away, start off slow. Mainly stretching out the muscles for the entire workout to get the body used to this new change, and adding slower progressions may develop optimal results, performance, and improvement.

There are many forms of exercise, and figuring out what works and makes one feel better is different than somebody else. If you hate running, you don’t have to do it to get your cardio out of the way. You can cycle, swim, take a zumba class, and so much more. The best exercise for losing weight is cardio, but weights and bodyweight exercises for strength are important for toning up and gaining lean body mass.

This is The Fitness Mojo.Com. Our fitness tips and recommended home gym equipment will definitely help you to focus on the right exercises and workouts to reach your goals. The Fitness Mojo‘s top skilled trainers and fitness expert will help you to get in great shape and reach the perfect fit of your body you’ve always wanted.

How To Get Your Fitness Mojo Back 

How to get your fitness mojo back

So, you are looking to get your fitness mojo back into your life!

Well, we understand the problem. Nowadays it’s difficult to keep mojo in life. As there are so many work, so many tension, so many ups and downs.

This research article will definitely help you to get your mojo back within a week trust me.

“The word “mojo” comes from an African language and relates to energy, magic, self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem, or even sex appeal.” ( Read More )

10 Best Treadmill

Best treadmill 2019

If you want to develop your cardiovascular health and burn a lot of calories leading to weight loss then you should workout with the best treadmill 2019.

Running and walking on a treadmill is fun and works the same muscle units that walking on a track or outdoors does.

But the main benefit of a treadmill is that you can easily adjust the speed and incline according to your workout routine. Read More

10 Best Aerial Yoga Swing

Best aerial yoga swing

If you are tired of doing old yoga moves then try this aerial yoga. The best aerial yoga hammock will help you to get in the air.

This exciting aerial yoga moves not only cures various disease but also makes mind and soul so pure. 

Yoga hammock is an innovative and wonderful yoga instrument. It makes even the hardest aerial yoga practice easy and safe.

Try this aerial yoga swing you’ll get unbelievable health benefits and muscle strength with yoga gravity-defying moves. Read More

10 Best Rowing Machine

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

The Rowing Machine is great exercise equipment in order to get cardio health on the upswing.

When you think about a workout machine, typically the four major pieces of equipment are  the treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationary bike, or a recumbent exercise bike. Very few people consider the benefits of using a rowing machine and much fewer people understand how to use it in the first place.

But if you’re searching for a good exercise equipment that you can do just about any time you want, the best rowing machine should just be right up your alley. Read More

10 Best Trampoline

Marcy Foldable Cardio Indoor TrainerTrampolines are the best way to stay active and fit. It is a great fun and great exercise too for the entire family.

Finding the “Best Trampoline 2019” for you and your family can be difficult. There are many Trampoline models with different size, shape and price range.

In this article, we will help you find the best trampoline for you. Before going to purchase a good trampoline you should read our article to find one that meets your needs and has safety features for avoiding accidents and injuries. Read More

Best neck and shoulder massager 

Best neck and shoulder massager 2019

The neck and shoulders can get tired, stiff and uncomfortable. This can cause irritability if left untreated, but there is a solution for hard-to-reach areas.

Electronic massagers are increasingly available in the market and are an effective and economical solution for neck pain in the joints and shoulder stiffness.

If you are looking for portability, comfort, functionality or accessibility, these 5 best neck and shoulder massage reviews will help you decide which massager machine is right for you. Read More

Top 10 Best Spin Bikes In 2019

best spin bikes 2017-2018

Imagine you are at home watching television or listening to music and still being able to get fit.

Sounds like a dream right! but with help of best spin bikes, it is possible to get fit for sure.

Yes, it’s 2019 and now we have almost everything that we need in the spin bike from the belt driving system to magnetic resistance feature.

We have kept all key points in mind, that a fitness lover considers while purchasing the top indoor spinning bike.

Maybe it’s really cold where you live and you are not able to go for a run or go to the gym.  Maybe you don’t have the time to exercise going outside the home. ( Read More )

10 Best Elliptical Trainers 2019

Bowflex E216 Elliptical Trainers

” Best Elliptical Trainer 2019″!! Many people go by the philosophy of “No Pain, No Gain”, but to lose weight all you have to do is “burn more calories than you eat.”

If you are overweight, it becomes even more difficult to lose weight at a gym while running on a treadmill.

Running on a treadmill takes a large tole on a person’s knees and is difficult to sustain for long periods of time.

But the ‘Best elliptical trainers‘ are great fitness machines that will help you to lose weight without putting a strain on your body.

Elliptical machines are great home gym equipment because you are not only using your legs to burn calories, but you are using your entire body to burn calories. ( Read More )

17 Best Electric Massage Devices

HoMedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat

Well, you know that it is not possible to go massage salon every day and it takes time and costly also.

Electric massage devices are priceless. It works like professional human hands massaging your aching neck, back, and overall body.

After long day work or after a hard workout you will need a helping hand for massage.

Best massage device 2019 can be that helping hand to relax your body. You will feel like it’s a God send device. Read More