Foot Massager Machine Newest Feeling from EMS Reviews

Foot Massager Machine – Newest Feeling from EMS Reviews For 2020

Foot Massager Machine – Newest Feeling from EMS is the right machine that you must get to relieve pain from your sore tired feet!

This EMS electric foot massager machine is easy to use, lightly weighted and has multi-function.

It works well by stimulating your muscles, improve circulation and reduce tension. You will feel extreme pleasure by using this great foot massager machine.

This massage instrument gives an awesome massage and very good pressure for the people who like hard pressure. But it can also do soft massage if your feet are sensitive.

Whenever I do massage with this machine I feel awesome. You will feel better than a traditional massage with a person. It will relieve the pain that is felt from being on your feet all day. This amazing massager is highly recommended.

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Foot Massager Machine – Newest Feeling from EMS Reviews 2020

This EMS electric foot massager device adopts electrical stimulation therapy in order to send microcurrent impulse to the neuromuscular through the soles of feet.

This massage machine is used as a Multi-function massager to relieve (muscle) pain, relax stiffness muscles, increase blood flow, reduce swollen feet and fatigued body. You can also relax other parts of your body like Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Back, Waist, Leg, etc.

This EMS Foot Massager device has a non-invasive and Safety nerve stimulation features intended to reduce pain. You can easily select various massage regions and treatment programmers’. You can use it at your home, office or anywhere anytime comfortably.

Key Benefits

  1. Feet Medical Care,
  2. Relax Treatment Device for Calf Leg
  3. Electric Massage Therapy,
  4. Blood Circulation and Plantar Fasciitis
  5. This EMS foot massager device is clinically proven to be effective and safe.

EMS Foot Massager 2019

This EMS foot massager comes with

1 x Foot massager
1 x Remote
1 x Adapter
4 x Electrode silicone pads
1 x DC Outlet
2 x Electrode wire
1 x Manual

Key Features

1.Big LCD screen.
2.Include 4 EMS electrode pads, Enhancing Relaxation Effect
3.With Sole massage roller for physical relaxation
4. 25 massage modes; 99 levels of intensity
5. Automatic time settle for 25 minutes.
6. With handle & remote

Customer Reviews:

1. Awesome item

Newest Feeling from EMS foot massager is an awesome item. I have been suffering from awful lower leg pain at night. This foot massager has taken my pain away and now I can sleep better. I thought I may have to try prescription meds to help sleep. But this machine is awesome done the job. This massager is worth every penny. For my mom, I will buy a second one, as she loves it very much. Extremely happy. – ( By Red Bod )

Foot Massager Machine - Newest Feeling from EMS Reviews 2019

2. Helped foot pain & neuropathy!

Newest Feeling from EMS  has helped me a lot with my foot pain & neuropathy! I use this machine almost every day. ( By Edmer )

3. Bought this foot massager almost 2 years, still works well

I bought this foot massager Newest Feeling from EMS in 2017 as a gift for my parents, it still works well. when I go to my parents’, I tried this EMS foot massager a few times, it‘s a really happy experience. I will buy it again for my self. It is easy to operate and really helps to ease the feet. ( By Kimberly fearless )

4. Relief

I used to suffer from leg muscle pain and foot ligament issues. This has really helped and is so convenient to use. I keep it under my desk to use it at work and it is really helping. ( By Pam W. )

Key Questions:

Q: How long I can feel the results?
A: We recommend that it may take up to 4 weeks to feel the full benefits of the device.

Q: How often should I use it?
A: We highly recommend that you use at least once a day.

Final Verdict:

This is an excellent EMS foot massager machine. I still feel swelling in my foot but the pain already has gone. Hope swelling will also go down after using it a couple of weeks (only 2 weeks used so far). 

It improves the muscles functions, increase blood circulation, and effectively reduce swelling, pain, and aching of your legs.

Nice foot massager device as once you get used to the different sensations. Also comes with 4 Tens pads which are really a great bonus that I can use on my stiff muscles. There is a remote control which makes it more comfortable to use.

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