Do you know Cross- training can help you crush calories & keep you motivated (Copy)

Do You Know? Cross Training Can Help You Crush Calories & Keep You Motivated

Cross- trainingCross training has many therapeutic effects on both body and mind. For instance, cross training rejuvenates you while enhancing your motivation at the same time.

Workout enthusiasts have taken to the sport in droves due to other benefits such as the effect it has on stress, enhancing of energy levels, lucidity of mind, and the impact it has on pregnant women.

Cross training helps you stay fit during pregnancy; and it serves to prevent training injuries. It also speeds up the healing process and rejuvenation of damaged and injured tissues; and by so doing, it promotes quicker muscle injury recovery. No wonder cross training comes highly recommended for endurance sports like long distance running.

According to a post by, cross training delivers a total number of eight distinct benefits in females. This activity also brings upon seven distinct therapeutic rewards in men. Let’s explore the core benefits of you choosing to partake in cross training either as a man or woman.

Humble Origins

Cross fitting started in the mid-90’s in a small workout gym in Santa Cruz. Little did the first cross fitters in that unknown small gym know that they’d started a practice that would grow and become a trend of sorts, attracting people of all diversity and age. It is a sport enjoyed by millions of workout enthusiasts all across the world.

Cross training has helped millions of folks to finally get that perfectly sculptured and strong body. Cross fitting, another name for it, is ideal for overweight individuals seeking to shed off the excess fat from the tissues.

But how exactly does cross training succeed in improving your personal physique and overall confidence and motivation?

“A cross-training workout session comprises of a mix of different workout routines such as cardio, weightlifting, and stretching. These activities combine to help you burn more calories than would have been possible if you partook in a single exercise routine.”

This training relaxes your joints and muscles allowing you to train for longer without feeling fatigued.

How Cross- Training Can Help You Crush Calories

Proven benefits associated with partaking in cross-training.

#1-Prevents Injuries

Runners are always prone to all manner of injuries. Most runners have been programmed to believe they can push through any injury and that can cause them to place undue pressure on the muscles, creating long term health problems.

Truth be told, however, it’s quite easy to prevent workout injuries from happening and ruining your chances of getting that ripped body. Injuries sometimes come from muscular imbalances, bio-mechanical irregularities, improper footwear, and often enough, as a result of failing to give your body enough time to rest following an injury.

Cross-training serves to strengthen your feet muscles and joints. Strong joints and muscles are capable of absorbing undue impact on your body and therefore, prevent injuries. Take up cross-training and you won’t have to worry about developing medical anomalies like osteoarthritis in your later years.

#2- Active injury recovery

Injured runners are recommended to take up cross-training during their recovery process. The practice allows the athletes to remain fit without the need to run more. The modified training routines prevent the injuries from going from bad to worse as you attempt to stay in shape during recovery. Injured runners who engage in light exercises actually get better faster than their counterparts who opt to relax altogether during their recovery.

Do you know Cross- training can help you crush calories & keep you motivated

#3- Improved Running Fitness

It is every runner’s dream to keep improve and grow with time. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating for the runner than to clock their personal best race times every single time they hit the tracks. Unfortunately, however, most athletes get demoralized upon realizing that they are getting slower and out-of-form. The best remedy to ensure you improve your running fitness is to take up cross training exercises.

Cross training has been shown to work wonders on enhancing the capabilities of runners. The practice improves power and efficiency. This modified training also greatly increases the resilience of the athletes such that they are able to run for hours on end without the slightest trace of fatigue.

#4- Heightened Motivation

It’s quite normal for runners to get bored with the often repetitive routines and running routes. To avoid this boredom that could very easily cause the runner to abandon their fitness goals, it is essential to adopt a proper cross training regimen. Cross training keeps you motivated and feeling enthusiastic as it helps to break the monotony of exercise routines. By allowing you to train harder and longer, this training leads to better performing athletes.



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