Best Panasonic Massage Chairs Reviews For 2022

Panasonic Massage Chair ReviewsThe Panasonic company has turn out to be a global presence for more than a hundred years, producing too many industrial and patron innovations like massage chairs. Panasonic massage chairs take users to completely happy states based on a combination of ancient, Zen-like ideas, meditation, intuition, and ultra-modern technology.

While other massage chair companies promise to massage, knead and hit customers into a tranquil state, but with Panasonic massage chair you’ll be caressed, given deep therapy and lulled into a soothing kingdom that’s unparalleled. To help you choose the right massage chair, we have selected top 5 Panasonic massage chairs that will not disappoint you.

With these massage chair, you will get an intuitive body profile scan that looks for locations that require exclusive attention. The Acupressure points are applied thru gradual and customized strokes that target those areas. From your pain in the neck to lower back, you’ll discover a mixture of features that solve the entire problem. In short, you can relax literally and figuratively, whatever chair massager you pick out to take home.

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Top 5 Panasonic Massage Chairs Reviews For 2022

1. Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Massage Chair

Best Panasonic Massage ChairPanasonic called this massage chair their “Prestige Luxury” model – the epitome of fashion and function.

It is available in black or brown color and made up of tremendous artificial leather, this fabric is certain to please environmentalists.

This zero gravity massage chair will massage your full body that not only treats your back, but your hands, calves, and feet are addressed, too. Massage rollers “operate interactively” and in multiple directions, soothing and stretching muscle tissue till they’re relaxed. You will get instantaneous therapeutic relief with this massage chair.

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro provides a 3D massage, once the chair’s heating mechanism is activated, owners of this luxe chair examine the experience of being given hot-stone therapy. It comes with a variety of massage styles such as 10 kneading programs, each of which emulates Junetsu massage strategies that mimic thumb-like round kneading motions to areas that most want attention.

2. Panasonic EP Real Pro Luxury Heated Massage Chair

Panasonic Massage Chair ReviewPanasonic EP Real Pro is new in the Panasonic massage chair library, and it is only available in black color.

You will get savings advantage from this chair as it costs about $ 1,000 less than the aforementioned Prestige.

The feature that you will love about this massage machine are its internal functioning; as it has an automatic body scanning technology that isolates the areas of the body that most need therapeutic attention.

The rollers not only provide multidirectional attention to aching muscles and tissues but also heat up, so users will get a full complement of Japanese punches Junetsu, the closest mechanical approach to human hands. 

This Real Pro Luxury Heated Massage Chair can be a refreshing alternative for you because you can easily customize the programs for up to 3 people and those customizable programs remain in the system memory while the chair hangs around.

3. Panasonic EP-MA10KU Full Body Massage Chair

Panasonic Massage Chair If you’re worried the high-priced labels of all Panasonic Zero Gravity massage chairs, then the EP-MA10KU full body massage chair might make you happy.

Yes, its price is cheaper, but that does not mean It compromised the features and benefits; After all, it is a Panasonic massage chair and you will see that it is full of innovations.

Whether you are very small or tall, this chair offers automatic and personalized height adjustments, a feature that Panasonic chairs do not always offer. The EP-MA10KU specializes in traditional Chinese massage techniques, that reaches the areas most frequently mentioned by users.

There are 4 predefined automatic programs ranging from the delicate manipulation of deep tissues to traditional Swedish techniques that deal with the most difficult areas. Again, this luxurious massage chair uses 14 airbags at the bottom of the body covering the feet, calves, and legs. 

4. Panasonic EP Real Pro Massage Chair MA73T

Panasonic Massage Chair ReviewsThe Panasonic Pro MA73T is a close relative of the MA73KU, which is reviewed in the top of this list. The price is the same too, and although the devil is usually in the details, you will have to look for differences.

This 218-pound chair is upholstered in faux leather. This chair is deliberately chosen by Panasonic, because it is easier to clean and maintain than the real one and adapts to constant movements and heat.

You can enjoy a high-level massage that is closer to human touch, but the internal mechanisms produce a multi-directional technology at the cutting edge of technology. It also offer vertical and horizontal rollers to enhance the massage experience.

The 7-color LED remote control is very easy to use. If you prefer a personalized massage, then you have to use specific manual options to target the aches, pains, and stress you are experiencing right now. It also comes with realistic and multi-directional 3D workout with an internal sensor which is good for deep-tissue shiatsu kneading.

5. Panasonic Swede-atsu Companion Massage Chair

Best Panasonic Massage ChairSwede-atsu costs half of Real Pro and almost 2/3 less than the two more expensive or priciest models in this review.

As part of the library of the Panasonic zero gravity massage chair, this model has been approved by the American Chiropractic Association. 

It offers advanced massage modes. Four of them are predefined and 8 are manual, so you have many options to obtain the desired personalized treatment like the whole body; only upper part of the body; or only the lower part of the body.

Users can try the 80 massage combinations created by the engineers, but for many the flotation mechanism can only seal the deal. If your goal is to relieve neck pain or your legs are always painful, there is an environment ready to do any work. And since this chair weighs only 155 pounds, moving it might not be a problem!

Best Panasonic Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide

We offer guidelines so that you can take quick decisions. The following 6 tips will help you to avoid the buyer’s remorse.

1. Price

Think of this massage chair as an investment. Double the cost of a single visit to a masseuse the number of times you book the treatment. The Panasonic model you buy can pay off sooner than you think. Compare online with retail prices, considering delivery and assembly costs to get a true sale price.

2. Consider your needs

Buy a chair according to your needs. If you want lower back pain relief, look for the model that prioritizes this area. Ask if the chair rollers can be adjusted or may not get the comfort you are looking for. 

3. Heat option

If you can’t do without heat, don’t worry about looking at Panasonic massage chairs that are not equipped with this important feature.

4. The degree of inclination

The furniture industry knows degrees as low as 175, which means “almost flat.” Use this scale to determine if a chair gives you the lean you are looking for.

5. Motor power

Engine power matters. The stronger the massage, the stronger the motor, so if your first experience in a chair was not intense, it may not be the best option.

6. Longer warranty

Get the longest and most comprehensive warranty possible. These massage chairs tend to be a family favorite. The warranty you get can save your life if something goes wrong along the way.

Yes, there are deals, especially on Panasonic models that have been around for years. Buy a fresh version of the old design and if you can also get free delivery and setup, what more do you want?

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