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Best Inversion Exercise Equipment For 2020

You can get several amounts of health benefits from inversion equipment. The inverted position overturns the harmful things of gravity. If you include ‘Best inversion exercise equipment’ in your exercise routine it can benefit you in many ways.

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Key Benefits

  • Heal or reduce back pain
  • Improve your nervous system,
  • Load-bearing joint issues,
  • Make stronger the immune system,
  • Defy the aging process,
  • Reduce mental stress,
  • Detoxify, and more other benefits.

Inversion exercise equipment reviews

Here is our suggested inversion exercise equipment.

1. Inversion Table

Best Inversion TablesIf you are unable to invert yourself without any support, this upside down equipment known as inversion table will help you a lot.

Best inversion exercise equipment is upside down table. It creates a great household accessory, whether you want to ease back stress or stimulate your blood circulation.

Relieving stress on your vertebrae discs and ligaments, the inversion table contributes to your body’s overall health by optimizing lumbar traction.

The rest of the body follows when your back starts to relax. Reducing the effects of aging caused by gravity and relieving lower back pain due to standing or sitting, the exercise equipment inversion table can help with such areas as increasing body flexibility for better athletic performance.

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2. Aerial Yoga Swings

best aerialy yoga hammock 2019

Another ‘Best inversion exercise equipment’ is aerial yoga swings. It also works like inversion table. This inversion tool helps to do difficult aerial yoga moves easily. The benefit of this yoga swings is huge. The main benefit is that it helps to reduce the lower back pain effectively. It also helps to fix the joint issues easily.

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Inversion Therapy

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots XLInversion Therapy also well-known as anti-gravity therapy is a natural and drug-free way to increase circulation, alleviate back pain and decrease stress and tension.

This therapy is the natural anti-gravity decompression backache relief method which can be achieved through inversion exercise equipment

Inversion therapy has been used from the ancient times as an effective and successful treatment for spine and back conditions to help get rid of toxins, enhance oxygen to the brain and the cells, ease stress and anxiety, boost energy, develop lymphatic drainage.

When inverted, the spine and body decompresses, providing little stress on joints, muscles, and bones. Inversion therapy offers a perfect stretch and assists to align the weight and load-bearing skeleton.

In order to prevent fatigue joint injuries many doctors, sports trainers, and physical therapists are starting to apply inversion therapy.

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Key Benefits of upside down therapy

Nerve pressure reduction

This upside down therapy with best inversion exercise equipment, facilitates inter vertebral partition, opening up passageways and reducing pain caused by pinched nerves. It follows the rule of “less pressure leads to less pain”.

Disc re-hydration

Damaged discs heal very slowly as they don’t have enough blood supply.  Decompression during inversion therapy can remove pressure off the disc so that it can hydrate and widen. It helps to ease the back pain right away.

Muscle relaxation

Inversion helps to relax the muscles and speed up the lymph flow. LG Nose a well-known Physiotherapist did a research that showed when inverted the EMG activity decline by over 30 to 35% within ten seconds.

Relief from varicose veins

Varicose veins are reduced by moving the blood and keeping the legs over the heart.

Stimulated circulation

It facilitates the stimulated circulation which assists the heart in providing blood from the lower body to the upper body.

More oxygen 

This upside down therapy aids to move extra oxygen to the brain which will motivate you mentally.

Lower heart rate 

The rhythmic rocking of the upside-down table facilitates a lower heart rate.

Improved skin and hair

Inversion increases the blood supply to the skin and hair surface.


“Inversion exercise equipment” is great for developing your overall fitness and reducing the effects of aging due to gravity. With the help of upside down therapy, you can easily strengthen the ligaments and improve the overall body flexibility.

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