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Top 5 Best Home Gymnastic Bars For Kids In 2020

If you’re a gymnast or have a little gymnast at home, you know that practice never ends. Gymnastics require flexibility, strength, and balance that can only be gained through hard work both inside and outside the gym.

A good gymnast bars is essential for quality training – this is why many gymnasts decide to practice more at the gym.

But with many affordable home gymnast bars on the market, it is possible to have great training in the comfort of your own home. Here’s a list of some of the best home gymnast bars you can get.

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Top 5 Best Kids Gymnastic Bars For Home Use Reviews In 2020

1. Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar

Best Gymnastics BarsTumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar is one of the best-designed bars on the market.

Rounded edges, rubber floor pads and a large floor stamp (4 ft x 6 ft) ensure great stability and safety.

This kids gymnastic bar is easy to assemble and disassemble, still, disassembling it after each use is not very practical. Therefore, you should take into consideration that the bar takes up quite a lot of space before buying it.

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO bar is built to last: the frame is made from durable steel and the 1.5″ bar is made from solid beech wood. The weight limit for this bar is 125 lbs for all skills, which is a standard. Thanks to the D-2 knobs, the height of the bar is easy to adjust from 38 to 58,5″.

This is a versatile single bar for home use that can fulfill the needs of gymnasts of all skill levels and ages. It’s a bit more expensive than similar bars on the market.

But unlike most of them, Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar does not require any additional parts or extension kits. If you want a safe and durable gymnastic bar, it’s worth the investment.

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2. Matladin Expandable Kip Bar

best gymnastics bar for homeIf you’re looking for a great gymnastic bar at a great price, you might want to consider Matladin Expandable Kip Bar.

Like most other bars, this bar has a steel construction. What is different about this bar is that the rail is made from high-quality fiberglass, which makes it sturdier than usual wooden rails.

Assembly is simple, but although this bar has rubber caps and a 6-point triangle-designed base for better stability, additional extension bars are necessary.

Matladin Expandable Kip Bar‘s height can go from 3 to 5 ft, and double locking knobs make it safe and easy to adjust. The weight limit of this bar is 300 lbs. Although it was designed for young gymnasts in the first place, most of the adults can use it too.

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3. Usexport Gymnastics Junior Training Horizontal Bar

gymnastic bars for home useGymnasts past beginner levels need a bar that can withstand vigorous training, and Usexport has a solution.

This quality bar has a steel frame with a 1.58” iron steel and pine wood rail that can support up to 440 lbs of weight! The price to pay for this huge weight limit is a huge floor stamp – the length of this bar is 8.2 ft.

The construction is also very heavy and difficult to move, so you’ll need a lot of space if you decide to buy this bar. Although long, the frame is quite narrow (4.4 ft), so the standard 4 ft mat barely fits underneath it. Assembly is fairly easy.

The design of this best home gymnastic bar is ergonomic, and welded triangle support plates and vertical support tubes are there to provide better stability. It doesn’t require any additional bars or extension kits, but additional landing pads could be useful. Height can be adjusted from 3 to 5 ft.

This bar meets the needs of both beginner and pro gymnasts, and at a reasonable price that makes it one of the most cost-effective bars on the market. For a gym-like feel, while training at home, this sturdy and robust gymnastic bar should be your choice.

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4. Milliard Professional Gymnastics Kip Bar

Milliard Professional Gymnastics Kip BarMilliard Professional Gymnastics Kip Bar is a solid piece of equipment that is suitable both for homes and gyms. It can steadily support gymnasts of all levels and provide a great training experience.

The frame is made of steel, and the horizontal bar is made of maple and fiberglass, which gives it a sturdy grip, but also flexibility.

Pro-level design with a stable base and rubber pads assure maximum stability and safe training for gymnasts weighing up to 140 lbs.

There is no need for additional parts and stabilizers, and clear instructions and included tools make the setup of this bar very fast and simple. The height can go from 3 to 4.75 ft, and the special Pull & Click technology makes it easy for anyone to adjust.

The dimensions of this Best Home Gymnastic Bars are it’s main problem: it’s 72″ long and 54″ wide when assembled, which makes it one of the widest gymnastic bars.

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5. Z ATHLETIC Expandable Kip Bar

Z ATHLETIC Expandable Kip Gymnastics BarThis heavy-duty gymnastic bar model is a great platform for expert-level training at home, and all at a reasonable price.

Designed by former Olympic gymnastics coach, this bar comes with a steel construction and a fiberglass rail for sturdiness and flexibility.

The direct pull-down weight limit of the bar is 300 lbs, but the usage limit is 120 lbs. The height can be adjusted from 36″ to 58″. Assembly is fairly easy.

Although it has long base legs and welded support for them, this bar is somewhat unstable, especially at the greatest height. In order to increase stability, additional bars and stabilizers are required.

Unlike the rest of the gymnastic bars for home use on this list, Z ATHLETIC Expandable kip bar comes with a high-density cross-linked polyethylene foam gym mat and a 2 year warranty. If you’re still having doubts about which bar to buy, this could be the reason to give this one a chance.

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Buying Guide Of Best Gymnastics Bar

best gymnastics bars for home


It’s important to carefully observe the height of the bar that you want to buy. Many of these bars are ideal for children up to 10 years old. If they are not adjustable or extendable, they may be too small for an 8 year old kids.

Bar width 

The bar width comes into play with young children and small hands. Make sure the bar is small enough for your little gymnast to have good grip. Or, you can invest in good bar grips for better protection.

Bar material 

The bar material is important because the bar must be flexible and strong. Beech is a good wood for this type of bar. If the manufacturer does not say what type of wood he uses, he can use the cheapest one. Therefore, it is always good to know the type of wood the bar used.


When choosing the best gymnastics bar for your child, weight restriction is very important. You certainly don’t want a gymnastics bar that isn’t tough enough to take the load of your little gymnast.  Many companies will limit their capacity to around 100 lbs. The lower their weight, the more they will be able to perform higher level exercises. So your children should weigh less than the maximum weight.

Gymnastics bar’s base width 

The width of the gymnastics bar base is very crucial because that is where the stability lies. You can buy a gymnastics bar with a narrow base and extend it by yourself if you need to. However, it’s probably best to buy a bar with a base large enough to get started.

Extra items included 

Some gym bars are available in combination sets. It might be good value or not. An inexpensive combo set is likely made of inexpensive material. The manufacturer offers you many items to make it look great, but the individual items quality is important. Some have beams, but we recommend that you check out this list of the best home gymnastics beams before making a decision.


A gymnastics bar can be dangerous, if it has weak structure. Check if it is level, if not, there may be a curve somewhere. Also look at the bar frame’s welds in order to make sure they are solid.

Gymnastics Mats 

To protect your young gymnast, bars should never be used without a suitable mat underneath. Some bars come with gymnastics mats, but if they don’t have one, you should buy one separately. Look at the dimensions of the bar you are buying to find out the right size gym mats.


A great platform is essential for a great training experience. This is why you should take a close look at different characteristics of a gymnastics bars for home use such as performance, stability, safety, flexibility, and durability before you decide to purchase one.

Every gymnastic bar has a unique design, and it’s up to you to find the one that suits your needs the most. All of the best home gymnastic bars that are listed here are high-quality equipment, and you sure won’t regret choosing any of them. And once you find your perfect platform, your training game will reach a whole new level!

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