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7 Best EZ Curl Bars For 2020

The EZ curl bar is a piece of good exercise equipment for certain exercises, for example, skull crushers, bicep curls, and dead-lifts.

This awesome curl bar is mainly designed to improve arm muscles whenever you perform exercises to improve your biceps, forearms, and triceps. They also improve arm power, strength, and control.

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Top 7 Best EZ Curl Bars Reviews For 2020

1. Champion Barbell EZ Curl Bar

Best EZ Curl BarThis incredible barbell is a very budget-friendly option for people who wants to improve their arms biceps. The one-inch curl bar can properly fit regular sized plates. It is solid throughout the bar that is produced very hard steel.

Its hand grips are also knurled to provide a comfortable and also secure grip while performing an intense exercise. The most surprising thing is that the medium knurl does not feel rough on the hands. Though the bar is cheap, it feels very solid and properly made. All the feature you are looking for in basic EZ is found in champion Barbell.


  • Properly made and feels solid
  • It comes with an affordable price
  • It is simple to change the weight with the spring clips
  • Provides a secure within alternative hand placements


  • Its ends are not threaded
  • It rusts quickly
  • It is a bit short for people above six-feet

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2. GOPLUS 400Lbs Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Olympic EZ Curl Bar

This Goplus Olympic Bar is a great option for your home gyms, club owners, commercial gyms, and power lifters. This best EZ curl bar is designed with comfortable knurl which is perfect for building power and muscle. You can use this curl bar for deadlift, that works several muscle groups in your upper and lower body.

Goplus 400lbs Olympic EZ Curl Bar facilitates easy workout sessions. Again it offers a cambered design and knurled handles for better grip and avoding any un-due tension in the wrists and forearms. Besides, this best ez curl bar can boost the safety of your barbell workouts and ensure a comfortable, consistent feel.


  • Durable and sturdy rod
  • Knurling & Curve Design
  • Cold forging, Q235 steel, and quenching technology
  • The 47’’ length and 400lbs load-bearing capacity
  • Copper sleeves and bearings prevent wrist injuries
  • Curved design reduces muscle stress
  • Rugged & Durable Structure
  • Sufficient Length & Weight
  • Copper Sleeve & Bearing
  • Wide Range of Workouts
  • It will not rust and deform within 1 year after normal use.


  • The knurling is not fully coated in black

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3. CAP Barbell Olympic EZ Curl Bar

CAP Barbell Standard 47 in. EZ Curl BarThis bar helps you to develop your upper arm strength and mass. The bar offers a solid chromed steel construction for its durability and also resistant to rust. It has threaded ends and also includes collars that help to secure the weight plates during the workout.

In this bar, people with intermediate skill is perfect to them the reason being even if it is a standard bar, it can accommodate about 200 pounds of the weight plate. This, therefore, helps in isolating and intensifying the enhancement of your upper arm biceps. Looking at the bend, it is more or less the same with the amount of bend that you are likely to get in many gyms.


  • It is developed from a hard steel
  • Provides an alternative grip preference
  • It has a nice bend
  • Its chrome finish is usually very smooth
  • The threads with the collar hold the plate very well


  • Rubber in the caps wear down easily
  • It keeps unscrewing itself

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4. XMark Olympic EZ Curl Bar

XMark Olympic EZ Curl Bar

This EZ curl bar has the best features at the best price. It is covered with a chrome finish making it very solid and resistant against corrosion.

You will get 2.8cm grip and medium knurling to provide a bit more griping surface when doing the squats. The 2-inch chrome sleeves weigh 400 pounds. What I like about this curl bar is the shaft, which is coated with black manganese phosphate. This coating is known to resist corrosion and prevent abrasion.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Provides a comfortable and strong grips
  • They are durable
  • Provides an alternative grip option
  • Have an attractive black/onyx finish


  • If you do not wipe the sweat off the bars it may rust a bit quicker
  • The sleeves look to be slippery for collars

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5. Marcy Solid Steel Olympic Weight Bar

Marcy Solid Steel Olympic Weight BarIt is an Olympic weight bar that is made from sturdy solid steel that can hold a 2-inch Olympic weight plate without losing its strength. Besides, the chrome-plated end is resistant to corrosion and it is non-toxic. its body is properly designed to bring more comfort as much as possible.

Besides, this Olympic EZ curl bar includes two weight collars to help secure a weight plate on these bars. This ensures you are safe while doing a variety of intense exercises. The bar also helps you to wipe the sweat and prevent rusting.


  • It is durable and reliable as expected
  • Its ergonomic design brings more comfort
  • Has tow weight locking collars for the safety
  • It comes with a two-year limited warranty
  • It is easy to clean the sweat off bars


  • The curves lack enough angle for comfort
  • The grip feels slippery
  • The bends are too even

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6. Ivankos OBZ-30B Black Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Ivanko OLYMPIC E-Z CURL BARApart from a high prize, It is well known for providing quality and suitable commercial use. the knurling is found on close grip and also a wide grip hand position that provides plenty of secured grip on the bar.

It is longer compared to other Olympic curling bars the give more flex, more so under a heavy amount of the weight is covered with an elegant black oxide in the entire bar. Besides, it has a rotating bushing which prevents piling of torque on the wrists


  • It is well made and sturdy
  • This EZ curl bar accommodates the vast-grips option
  • It rotates torque build-up
  • It offers plenty of the wight loading space


  • Very expensive
  • May be uncomfortable for short people

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7. Sunny Health & Fitness Chrome Curl Bar

Sunny Health & Fitness 47 in Threaded Chrome Curl BarIf you’re a beginner of intense exercise, try the Sunny Health & Fitness Chrome Curl Bar, which has basic features like 1-inch sleeve size and Star Lock collar. 1-inch sleeves offer space for panels of normal size.

The entire bar is made of solid steel and is corrosion-resistant and soft chrome-plated. The basic bar is threaded at the ends with star-lock collars that hold the stand plates securely when doing exercise.

It provides two different grip placements to enable your arm muscles to exercise more effectively. Its grip is designed with a diamond knurling to provide comfortable and also non-slip hold.


  • Provides a very comfortable and non- slip grip
  • Heavy, solid and sturdy
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • The collar provides a rubber barrier for security
  • It is coated with a nice chrome finish


  • The star-lock collar will tend to lose very easily
  • The threads are narrow than matching dumbbell set

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Types of EZ Curl Bars

Standard EZ Bars

Standard EZ Bars are light. They generally weigh 13 to 18 pounds and can work with standard 1-inch plates. These bars are generally 48 inches long and have a limited whip.

EZ Olympic Bars

Olympic EZ bars are made of high-quality steel and have a better whip. These bars are generally 52 inches long and weigh 18-25 pounds. Olympic EZ bar sleeves are 2 inches; Therefore, only 2-inch Olympic plates fit here.

Olympic EZ bars have rotating end sleeves that allow the weights to rotate freely, thereby reducing the load on the lifter’s joints. The following are some top five best EZ curl bar.

Thing to Consider Before Buying The Best EZ Curl Bar

A. Sleeve size

CAP Barbell Standard EZ Curl BarWhen choosing the sleeve size, consider the size of the plates. There are two plate sizes: Olympic and regular. Olympic weights fit 2-inch sleeves, while regular weights fit 1-inch sleeves. Another aspect you should consider when choosing your sleeve size is the weight you want to carry.

Choose a regular EZ curling bar if you don’t want to load more than 160-200 lbs. If you want to load more than 200 pounds, consider an Olympic EZ.

While a full-size EZ curling bar is cheaper, it can’t help you with techniques like the performance of an Olympic curling bar. Therefore, recommend that you invest in an Olympic curling bar and a set plate.

B. Angles of EZ curl bar

The effectiveness of the bar in removing unwanted tension on your wrists largely depends on the angles or the extent of the bend. Manufacturers use different angles. Depending on what is comfortable for you, choose between a smooth or steeper bend.

C. Durable construction

You need an EZ curling bar which will the beating of constant use last. Some of the best brands are heavily chrome-plated. The highest quality bars use black manganese phosphate to combat corrosion and abrasion.

D. Knurled

The quality of the knurling affects the strength of your grip. This is very important if you want to use the bar for lifting. Good knurling requires fewer forearm movements and allows you to focus more on the triceps or biceps. If you want to challenge yourself in different hand positions, look for a bar with knurling along the entire bar.

Advantages of using an EZ bar

  • The bend of the bar holds the hand of the lifter in a neutral position and relieves the wrists and elbows.
  • Less painful than normal weights
  • The EZ Curl Bar Profile enables the poor to be in a natural training position. It is even used in sports therapy.
  • The biceps muscles are isolated in this position and ensure good training.
  • The main advantage of all is that training is easy, hence the name EZ Curl Bar


What is an Olympic curl bar?


Answer: Olympic curl bar are often bigger than standard curl bars. The Olympic ez curl bar doesn’t have standard weights unlike Olympic barbells. Olympic curl bars are also longer, tough and heavier too. It can be as long as 52 inches. Olympic cur bar only supports Olympic weight plates. It also comes with rotating sleeves which standard bar doesn’t have.

What muscles does a EZ curling bar work?


Answer: Ez curling bar mainly works on the following areas-

  • Biceps.
  • Triceps.
  • Shoulders.
  • Forearms.
  • Wrists.
  • Chest.

What is a curl bar good for?

Answer: The curl bar is traditionally used for exercises that work smaller muscle groups such as your biceps and triceps. 


How much does EZ bar weigh?

Answer: The EZ Curl Bar used in most gyms weighs around 10kg or 22 pounds. Most EZ Curl Bars weight comes between 15 pounds and 25 pounds. A typical EZ curl Bar is also usually comes around 120cm or 47 inches in width, although some curl bar may be up to 132cm or 52 inches long.

Which is better EZ curl bar or straight bar?

Answer: EZ Curl Bar vs Straight Barbell: Straight bar weighs more and the weight is further out to the sides which forces you to work on balance more than the EZ curl bar. EZ curl bar is better on your wrists and you can put on more weight. As far as which one is better I would say neither as they both do the job.

Can you do squats with a curl bar?

Answer: Though, the straight bar comes out on top for squats, deadlifts and other multi-joint moves such as rows and barbell lunges but resting a curled bar across your shoulders for squat and lunge variation would feel uncomfortable. The only caveat to this is that beginners may find an EZ bar better for dead-lifting.



An EZ Curl Bar is a nice addition to your home gym. It doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t cost you a fortune. But it takes care of the joints and allows you to concentrate more on separating smaller muscle groups during exercise. You are also less likely to suffer joint and tendon damage. Choose the bar that best suits your individual goals.

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