10 Best Barbell Set For Home Gym of 2021 ( Buyer’s Guide )

Best Barbell SetsThe Best barbell set is the crown jewel of any home gym.

If you are thinking about setting up your own home gym then you should consider the best barbell set first.

No doubt about it…

A home barbell set can be used to complete all of your home gym workouts and target all your muscle groups.

Even you can easily target your leg muscles by doing squat using this barbell.

For barbell workouts, you just need a small space in your own home where you can do your workouts freely. You also need an adjustable weight bench to do your workouts more effectively. 

Best BarbellWell, the barbell will help you switch up your fitness routine to get that dream body you have always wanted.

To help you find the best barbell for home gym workouts on the market, we have researched and tested a variety of new and best-selling barbells. And we have selected the top 10 barbells for this job.

 “I recommend you to read our barbell set buying guide below, before making a purchase.”

If you are in a hurry, we recommend you to buy Yaheetech Olympic Weight Bar.

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Coparison Table of Top 10 Best Barbell Set For Home Gym

Top10 Barbell SetBest ForItem WeightCurrent Price
Yaheetech Olympic BarbellThis Olympic weight bar used for professional weightlifting setup36.3 pounds
RAGE Fitness BarbellPerfect starter bar for Olympic lifting specially for beginners15 pounds
Body Solid Olympic BarProfessional level 7 feet Olympic bar and can support up to 600 pounds of weight plates.44 pounds
CAP Barbell Olympic Curl BarIt's a Olympic super curl bar, Made of solid steel, and designed to reduce discomfort when lifting weights17 pounds
Troy USA Sports Weight SetClassic and complete Olympic barbell set. Standard Cast Iron Olympic Plates with Durable Grey Enamel Finish.44 pounds
XMark Fitness BarbellOlympic bar with a moderate flex makes it a incredible performance bar. Best for Olympic powerlifter. 50 pounds
USA Sports Weight SetTraditional looking barbell set comes with enough variety of weight plates44 pounds
REP FITNESS Olympic BarIdeal for powerlifting movements like bench press, squats and deadlifts44.1 pounds
US Weight Barbell SetIt is a complete workout kit. It is not just a barbell, you will also get dumbbells and weights with it105 pounds ( including weights )
Titan Fitness BarbellMade of pure steel and is delivered in one piece, ready to use45 pounds

Top 10 Best Barbell Set For Home Gym Reviews 

It’s time to get to the best barbell reviews to find an awesome barbell set for working out at home.

Let’s get started!

1. Yaheetech Olympic Weight Bar

home barbell set

Yaheetech’s Olympic weight bar is our Top Pick. If you are looking for a bar that is almost identical to any bar you have seen at your local gym, then this Olympic bar is for you.

This Yaheetech’s Olympic weight bar has an “Olympic” name in the title because it weighs 45 pounds, which is also the standard weight of the bar used by Olympic weightlifters.

This best Olympic barbell is also virtually identical to the bars found in the professional weightlifting setup.

So, with the Yaheetech bar in hand, you can take a test with an “official” workout and gain some strength. The bar, besides being a solid weight, is also made of iron.

It is coated with an antioxidant silver finish. It will stay on and keep your bar attractive, even if it is thrown at you. This bar fits any 2-inch dish.

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2. RAGE Fitness Barbell

Best barbell set for home gymIf you’re looking for a really well-made bar, but a 45-pound weight is too much for you, we have the answer.

The RAGE Fitness Barbell weighs just under 15 lbs and it is the perfect training equipment for teaching beginners the technique of Olympic lifting.

This is an aluminum barbell, ready to use to master Crossfit bases, and lifting weights. It is ideal for both the home and the classroom environment.

There are durable rotating sleeves with bushings, and both handles at the ends and in the middle have a medium knurling. The bar measures 6 feet long and can accommodate Olympic dishes with a 2-inch hole.

You can load up to 300 pounds, so do not think of it as a lightweight. At this price, it is an appropriate gift for those who wish to start raising money and do not know where to start. Give them the RAGE bar and watch how the profits begin!

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3. Body Solid Olympic Bar

best olympic barbellIf you like practicing at home and wondering if it’s worth buying this Body Solid Olympic bar then listen.

This best Olympic barbell is apparently simple. But with it, you can reach dozens of different training goals.

The sky is also the limit when it comes to resistance. This is especially true with the Body Solid Olympic Bar.

It is professional level and supports up to 600 pounds of weight. It is 7 feet long, with fluted ends for a better grip.

The bar itself is sufficient to complete a workout since it weighs 44 pounds on its own. The Olympic Bar is similar to the bars you will see in any gym.

This is an investment that will show quick results when you add it to your daily routine.

You can easily do bench press or squat and almost everything necessary for a complete workout regime in your own home or garage. Body-Solid supports your products with a lifetime warranty.

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4. CAP Barbell Olympic Curl Bar

CAP Barbell Curl BarOne of the really wonderful things about this CAP Barbell Curl Bar is that each person feels that they can be benefited from it.

It is accessible for the people of all strengths, even for those who are learning weightlifting for the first time.

Also, you do not need an expert to learn many exercises with a bar within one or two hours. With this Curl Bar, learning is even easier because it is not a perfectly straight bar.

Actually, it has a couple of curves in the middle where the hands are placed, which help with the position and posture while working. The bar of the lid measures 47 inches long and is made of solid chromed steel.

The ends are threaded, to help contain the included collars. The lids have rubber O-rings and the bar has O-ring inserts, so the necks fit perfectly. Any plate with a 1-inch hole fits this bar. Become a fitness enthusiast!

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5. Troy USA Sports Weight Set

Troy USA Sports Weight SetTroy USA Sports Weight Set is a complete barbell set that comes out of the box and ready to do reverse barbell curl routine, your clean, your deadlifts and presses. It is possible to achieve whole body workout with this Troy USA Sports Weight Set.

If you are ready to pump up some iron for your own home or garage, do it with this top barbell set. This barbell set includes one cast iron bar with a grey enamel finish. The bars weigh is 45 pounds, 14 USA Olympic weight plates.

Two weight plates 45 pounds, two weight plates 35 pounds, two weight plates 25 pounds, two weight plates 10 pounds, two weight plates 5 pounds, and two weight plates 2.5 pounds. 

The 2.5-pound bar plates make it simple to adjust any workout by just 5 pounds. You will also get 2 collars with spring settings for holding the plates tightly. You will have a limited 5-year warranty for this awesome barbell set.

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6. XMark Fitness Barbell

Barbell set for home gymEveryone has a fitness goal. For some, they are trying to add and build layers of muscle in key groups. Others want to tone and firm their bodies.

Then there are the weightlifters, who want to be incredibly strong and do both.

XMark Fitness Barbell can help you achieve each of these goals. It is good, or better than what you will find professionals who use in business training environments.

This is what you get: this bar weighs 43 pounds and can carry up to 700 pounds without any deformity. This means that it is good enough even for the Olympic powerlifter.

The bar is made of steel, with an exclusive black manganese phosphate tree. This is one of the most resistant substances available. It will work to prevent corrosion and abrasion.

The brass bushings provide a perfect rotation. There are IWF and IPF knurling marks, made in medium depth. Invest in the bar XMark Lumberjack, you will not regret!

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7. USA Sports Weight Set

barbell set reviewsIn the world of sports and body conditioning, a new device is focused every week. In the end, however, they disappear and are replaced by something different.

However, there are instruments that have been popular and used for decades, and nothing is more familiar or more recognized than the bar.

If you need a set of rockers for your home, consider the United States Sports Weight Game. This set is exactly what any professional or beginner athlete needs in their life. You will receive a huge 7-foot cast iron rocker, covered with a satin black enamel finish.

They are precision milled so that the dimensions are accurate at all times. It also comes with weights. Get 14 Olympic Sports USA plates: 2 x 45 lbs., 2 x 35 lbs., 2 x 25 lbs., 2 x 10 lbs., 4 x 5 lbs. And 2 x 2.5 lbs. This is a total of 300 pounds of weight.

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8. REP FITNESS Sabre Olympic Bar

REP FITNESS Sabre Olympic BarThe Rep Saber Bar is ideal for benches, squats and deadlifts, as well as for Olympic movements. This bar offers a medium depth knurling and you can get a good grip without tearing your hands.

Anyone who thinks of adding a bar or introducing reflective exercises into their routine should consider the functionality and convenience of this best barbell set!

Here’s the scoop: the REP FITNESS Sabre Olympic Bar is one of the cheapest purchases you can make and continues to receive quality training equipment.

The 20 kg bar is available in two options: with central knurling or without. The central knurling is useful for holding the barbell on your back during posterior squats and helps in Olympic lifting with low repetition. For anyone doing high level or higher Olympic lifting training, consider the “No central knurling” option.

This top-rated barbell is made of durable zinc coating that helps prevent rust and also looks great. Snap-rings and bushings ensure that the sleeves turn consistently and smoothly during your heavier Olympic lifts.

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9. US Weight Barbell Weight Set

US Weight Barbell SetThis barbell weight set is our Budget Pick. US Weight Barbell Weight set is a complete workout kit. It is not just a barbell, you will also get dumbbells and weights with it.

That means you can easily do one handed and two handed weight lifts and moves.

This barbell is 55 inches weighing 4 pounds. For solid grabs, this barbell is designed with a textured non-slip grip area.

You will also get the dumbbells with 6 locking spring clips to set up all three bars when you are ready to go for workouts.

You will have a total 100-pound weight ranging from 5 pounds to 20 pounds. You can easily set up your weights for snatches, barbell reverse curl, deadlifts, and more all at the same time.

From beginners to pros will love to workout with this US Weight Barbell Weight set.

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10. Titan Fitness Barbell

best barbell The Titan Fitness Barbell is another phenomenal item that can go against any bar you can find in a professional gym or in the structure of Crossfit.

If you need to work on your clean and rough body, if your deadlift is weak or if you need to improve your bicep curls, take a look.

The first factor that makes it comparable to the gym bars is its construction. The Titan Fitness Barbell is made of pure steel and is delivered in one piece, ready to use.

There is a silver chrome finish both to improve the appearance of the bar and to prevent oxidation as it is in your garage. Its weight is 45 kilos and can easily contain up to 1,000 pounds of weight.

This is one of the highest weighting capabilities of any bar in our top ten list! All Olympic plates with 2-inch holes will fit in this bar. The grip of the Titan Fitness bar has a knurled handle to prevent slipping. Beat the gloves and start!

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Best home barbell set

How to Choose the Best Home Gym Barbells ( Buyer’s Guide )

1. length:

The first category is simple. Tell you the length of each bar we have chosen (in inches), you can see how much weight you can load and if it is suitable for your training needs.

2. Includes weights:

Some of the bars we have chosen include a variety of weight options, which are a great advantage. We will mark this column and then deepen the weights provided in the description of the article.

3. Material:

Steel and iron are two of the most common options to build the bar, while there are other rockers with plastic or chrome lining. Each of us has a favorite type of lifting material, so we will discuss it in detail here.

Best Barbell For Home Gym

4. Capacity:

How much can you manage your favorite bar? This category will help you see how many pounds it is designed to take, which will allow you to decide if it makes sense for your training.

5. The weight of the bar:

The bar itself can be light or on the heavier side, and can often be used for training movements alone. Because bars without weights are included in many homemade workouts, we will let you know what weighs.
Product introduction icon

6. Warranty:

If the idea of investing in a home gym is exciting, you probably want to know about the guarantees. Never be afraid! We have also studied this information. Check this category to know how long the warranty lasts.

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