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Nutrisystem_01(1)Among the hundreds of weight loss programs, one that has become very popular in the recent years is the Nutrisystem weight loss program.  People absolutely love Nutrisystem because it is a simple program that is easy to stick with on a long term basis. When it comes to convenience, there is no other weight loss program that can beat Nutrisystem. In fact, it is the ultimate word for convenience and simplicity when compared to other weight loss programs. It is the ideal solution for people who don’t want to bother about planning, shopping for food, cooking meals and measuring the portion sizes. Everything is done for you and you get portion controlled and pre-packaged meals delivered to your doorstep.

About Nutrisystem Food

Many people believe that pre-cooked and pre-packaged meals are not healthy. That is so not the case with Nutrisystem foods. Every meal is planned and cooked meticulously under the supervision of expert nutritionists and dieticians to ensure that the customers get the best nutrition and healthy food. The meals offered by Nutrisystem are based on low glycemic index good carbohydrates. The best thing about these foods is that they don’t cause high spikes in your blood glucose levels. The main idea behind the Nutrisystem diet plans is to provide foods that are high in fiber, low in fat, sugars, sodium, saturated and trans fats.

Diet Plans Offered By Nutrisystem

Based on the fact that the caloric requirements vary for different individuals, Nutrisystem has come up with a variety of diet plans that will serve the caloric requirements of different groups of people. There are specific diet plans for meeting the nutritional and caloric requirements for men, women, seniors, vegetarians and also people suffering from diabetes. You have the option to choose from a large list of over 150 entrees and snacks or desserts displayed in their website. The diets consist of 20% fat, 25% protein and 55% carbohydrates. The meals are portion controlled and the dieters eat 5 to 6 small servings a day, which helps in curbing hunger. The cost of Nutrisystem depends on the plan that you choose. But it usually falls in the range of approximately $260-$340 per month.

Benefits Of Nutrisystem Program

Joining a Nutrisystem diet plan comes with several benefits:

  • The Nutrisystem weight loss program is a healthy way to lose weight because you eat the right kind of foods in the right amount.
  • The meals are high in fiber and protein, and low in fat and calories
  • Very easy to follow
  • Offers a wide variety of foods to choose from
  • You can customize the foods according to your taste
  • You will never feel the hunger pangs because you get to eat 5 or 6 times a day
  • Nutrisystem offers additional support in the form of counseling, diet tools, discussion boards and informational articles
  • Since the meals are pre-cooked and packaged, you can forget about planning and cooking food
  • No need to portion control your food or count calories
  • No need to perform intense workouts
  • Seven day money back guarantee


Nutrisystem is the answer to the weight loss problems of many people who does not want to cook their own food and who doesn’t want to think about calorie counting. With this program, not only do you lose weight but your body also gets all the nutrition that it requires to stay sound and healthy. That being said, it is always a good idea to get the advice of a doctor prior to starting any kind of weight loss program.